Happy NEW Year!




✨🎉🍾Happy NEW Year!🍾🎉✨


I am so excited about a fabulous new challenge I am pursuing in 2018!  2 dear friends and I are pledging to ride 18,000 Peloton Miles to raise money for 3 amazing charities!

I bonded with  Nicole and Helene on Instagram over our shared love of yoga.  In the last year we participated in yoga challenges together and came to communicate daily - sharing updates, cheering each other on, and conspiring about our first 'in-person' meet up.  Nicole has another passion - her Peloton Bike.   Both Helene & I caught the wave of her excitement and purchased bikes of our own this year.

Because the Peloton Cycle operates on an internet platform, we are able to ride together when our schedules allow.  In addition to our shared miles, we have celebrated milestones as well.   Recently both Helene and I rode our 100th ride and all 3 of us were there to witness the teachers call out our names (I'm not too cool to tell you, it's a thrill).   Just last week we celebrated the fact that Nicole rode an astounding 5000 miles in 2017.

For 2018 Helene suggested we set a team goal --- we chose 18,000 miles --- because goals shouldn't be easy!  Then Nicole had the brilliant idea that we link it to fundraising ... and #PelotonYoga18K was born.


I have chosen to ride for the amazing organization, No Kid Hungry,  because ‘childhood hunger’ should simply not exist in our world.  No Kid Hungry vows to end childhood hunger TODAY.  They utilize a variety of programs to provide all children with access to healthy food and are active in all 50 states.

While the efforts of No Kid Hungry are leading to remarkable results, the problem is enormous and they can use our help. I have set up a Personal Fundraiser on the NKH website   and am so grateful for your support in terms of prayers, encouraging words, and of course, donations.

Please help me make this a powerful year in the work to end childhood hunger!  I will keep you updated on the progress toward our goal.

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness in the New Year.  And to borrow a term from my teammate, Nicole : Namaslay!