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Welcome to Week 2 / Year 2 of TriYogaSchool

This week we are building Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or Bridge Pose

🔻 Bridge pose is a fabulous foundational backbend.  Learning the basic mechanics of backbending in this pose will translate to much bigger backbends in your future.  

🔻 There are many many variations on Bridge - but for starters in the video, I am keeping it to the basic pose with 3 hand positions.  



Pose Notes : 

.Start lying on your back with your heels close to your sitting bones.  Keep your feet parallel & your knees pointing forward.

.Tip your pelvis BACK - like you are pinning your lower back to the mat.  Keep that position of the pelvis as you lift your hips off the ground. 

.Interlace your fingers and wriggle your shoulder blades closer together underneath you.  This will serve to externally rotate your shoulders so your chest is open.  If you cannot reach your fingers together, grab the edges of your mat (hint : prop tip coming tomorrow!)

.Keep your feet & knees parallel (📒 I will give tips for this in tomorrow’s post) & press down through your feet as your lift your hips higher.  Keep your throat & jaw soft - no clenching!

.If your hips are lifted high enough, you can support your pelvis with your hands.  Release your grip and place your hands on your hips.  You can point the fingers toward your shoulders or toward your knees.  If your elbows splay out, your hips are not high enough or wrists not ready for such extreme flexion.  Go back to the interlaced fingers.  

.Release your hands and slowly your hips to the ground.  Pause to experience the aftertaste of the pose. 


🔺 I offer a few prop setups to assist in the main challenges of bridge pose.  There are also a zillion variations of bridge pose - In these 4 slides, I show you some of my favorites.


✔️ PROP setups for better access to the pose :



A STRAP is highly useful in bridge pose. 

a/ If your knees splay from parallel, place a strap around your ankles.  Press your outer ankles into the strap, as if trying to widen your feet.  This will activate the inner thigh muscles to draw the knees together.  Seems counterintuitive but it works!  Message me if you want the anatomy behind this cool setup.  

b/  if you have trouble interlacing your hands under your hips, use a strap.  Gradually crawl your hands closer together as your shoulders open up.


✔️ Variants : 

Try Bridge Pose with leg variations!  2 legs up, 1 leg up, tiptoes ... 


Get funky with ankle + toe variations!


✔️ Prop for a Restorative Pose :

Place 1 or 2 blocks under your pelvis for a more restorative version of Bridge Pose.  Be sure the blocks are under your bony pelvis rather than your lower back.  This should feel delicious!


Let me know how it goes!

🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!

❤️ CeCe