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Our pose of the week is VirabhadrasanaI or Warrior 1

🔺Warrior I is a powerful & expressive pose.  It represents the power & vitality of a triumphant warrior with the confidence to stay rooted.

🔻 With Vira I we need to address leg strength + rotation.  Watch my video for the arrows to indicate rotational direction!  



  • Standing in Mountain Pose, step back with your left foot & as you do, drop your heel down & turn your toes slightly out to the left.  Press your outer heel strongly into the ground but keep lifting your inner arch.
  • Bend your right knee as close to 90 degrees as you are able.  Rotate your left hip toward the front of your mat, trying to square your hips forward.
  • Reach your arms up overhead.  Arms can stay parallel to each other or bring your palms together.  Your upper body lifts as your lower body grounds.  
  • Between the upper and lower bodies, the CORE stabilizes.  Draw your low belly back, as you move your hip points up.  That will serve to maintain your lumbar curve, while enhancing the opening in your upper chest & shoulders.  
  • Carefully drop your head back & look up at your thumbs.  Remember, the back arch begins at the base of your spine & curls up to the top — NOT the other way!!
  • Step your left foot forward to the right foot, finishing in mountain pose.  Repeat on the other side.



✔️ PROP setups for better access to the pose :


Vira I Props Slide 1


The WALL can be used in several ways.  a/ if you have trouble keeping your back heel grounded, press it into the WALL.  It is an easier reach & builds the muscular awareness necessary for full grounding.  b/ if your front knee tends to wander off of center, press it into a BLOCK at the WALL.  This will stabilize your pose and allow more awareness in the back leg.

c/  Use a CHAIR to find the proper alignment of the pose with less physical demand.

d/  A STRAP is helpful if your shoulders are tight.  It will ‘contain’ your arms so you can reach overhead, lifting & expanding your upper body.


✔️ PROP setups for better awareness : 

Vira I slide 2


a/  Hook the loop of a STRAP around the back of your heel.  Press down into the STRAP as you pull up with your arms.  This will emphasize simultaneous grounding and rising in Warrior 1 and awareness of the vertical nature of the pose.

b/  Use a STRAP around your upper ribcage as core/lateral feedback.  As you lift up into the backbend, notice if the strap becomes overly tight.  This could indicate you have lost awareness of your core.  Try to draw your ribs together, moving them away from the strap.

c/  Lift your front foot onto a BLOCK.  This intensifies the bend in the front leg while putting more weight (thus work!) in the back leg.  This will help to spread the horizontal awareness of the pose.  


Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!

Peace ❤️