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This week we are shape shifting & challenging our balance with Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose

🔻 Ardha Chandrasana takes a pose you know well, trikonasana/triangle & kicks it up a notch .. literally!  If you study the shapes you will see they are the same, you have just given up the stability of the back leg on the ground.

🔻 Be sure to warm your muscles prior to practicing Half Moon Pose.  The balance element adds a substantial amount of work to the standing leg.  Be sure to engage your core so the entire body is contributing to stability.  




  •    I show 3 options to enter Ardha Chandrasana in my video.  My favorite is Triangle.  Set up your triangle pose, paying attention to engagement of both legs & both arms.
  •    Shorten your stance slightly, staying as lateral as you can - don’t drop your top shoulder or top leg toward the mat.  Reach your bottom arm in front of your front foot.  If you need a block to land your hand on - have it ready or bring it with you from your triangle pose.
  •    Push off your standing leg and reach your back leg out and back.  Remember the work of the back leg in triangle pose?  Make the entire leg strong & reach all the way out your heel.
  •    Work to extend in 4 ways - out both arms & both legs.  At the same time, firm your standing leg, squeeze your quadricep to straighten the leg as much as possible.  Hug your outer hip on your standing leg in to recruit your gluteal muscles to assist the balance.
  •    Wobbling?  Keep your gaze down at the ground.  If you find steadiness, slowly shift your gaze toward your top hand.  Breathe!  Come out with as much control as you went in.  Repeat Side 2!  BTW : Rest assured : wobbles are part of the practice!  See the 2nd video for proof!

🔺Ardha Chandrasana is a geometrically simple pose - it’s a triangle!  But the balance challenge is huge!

🔺My prop ideas for today address that challenge to varying degrees.  I also include 2 ideas to take it up a notch - just in case ...


✔️ PROP setups for better access to the pose :



a/ A BLOCK is your best friend with Half Moon Pose!  If your front leg does not have the hamstring mobility for you to easily reach the ground, you need a block.  You must straighten that standing leg for stability - don’t be a hero, use a prop! 

b/  Pressing your back foot into the WALL affords more suppport plus gives feedback toward engagement of that leg.  Like @helen_garner_yoga said yesterday : the balance is in the kick!!!

c/  For maximum support and alignment feedback - back it up to the WALL.  This provides the ultimate in info regarding the state of your pose!  Try it even if you don’t think you need it - it is a game changer!!



✔️ PROP setups for a challenge : 



1/ Release your bottom hand from the floor & extend it forward.  Really tap into your core for support here.  Crazy good challenge!

2/ Chapasana!  Bend your top leg and reach your top arm for the foot.  Once you find connection (proprioceptive challenge!) kick into your hand to roll the top shoulder back, feeling a stretch + backbend.  You might find balance easier in this version —-



Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!

Peace ❤️