Dedicated to the One(s) I love

❤️ When I was in the junior high I used to listen (on my RADIO)  to Casey Kasem count down the American Top 40.  I loved the music, but I was really interested in the stories, and trivia, and in particular, the long distance dedications.  So sweet and poignant, they always made me dream about what it would be like for someone to love me THAT much.

Of course, I never got one of those LDD’s, or for that matter, a dedication on our local radio station Saturday night love fest.  Though, trust me, I listened for my name every single night.

I survived this obvious omission by all my secret admirers … Fast forward to today : a 25 year marriage and 3 children in college.  Bless ... ❤️


These days I start every morning with a 5:OOam Peloton Bike Ride, followed by a cup of tea, a small bite of social media, email, and news.  Following all of that, I get on my mat.  6 days a week I practice either the Primary or Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga.  Ashtanga Yoga consists of a set sequence of poses to be completed in order and with particular breath pacing.  

At the end of both Series is a set of Backbends - Urdhva Dhanurasana / Upward Facing Bow or Wheel Pose,  followed by  a set of DropBacks into the same pose.  Backbends are a challenge for me and I have worked very hard in my practice to embrace them.  


Dropping back into a Wheel Pose requires that you are A/ strong and competent in your wheel pose, and B/ fearless.  Although I was able to accomplish the former fairly early in my practice .. it took me many years to get to the latter.  I was scared to death of falling on my head (wise fear) & it kept me from moving forward.  

Finally, I decided I had enough of the fear and I was ready to face it.  I took a very systematic approach over a few months - bending to the wall .. then a laundry basket full of blankets .. then a cushion on the floor .. until I was bored with my own fear and just did it.  Since then, I have been doing my 3 drop-backs pretty much every day.

If that was the end of the story, it would be about a woman conquering her fear and proving age is not a reason to stop trying to do hard and scary things.


But there is more.  You see, the fact that I accomplished this pose felt kind of hollow.  So I started dedicating it every time to someone I was thinking about.  A grieving friend, a sick neighbor, an old lady from our church.

This expanded and I found ways to dedicate many of my physical poses in my daily practice.  There are certain challenging postures that always go to the same person who is in need of prayer.  Others vary based on who is in need at the moment.  

In essence, my practice has become my prayer journal.  My moving meditation …


These days I save my 3 drop-backs for my 3 children.  Prior to each one, I draw one of them into mind, say a quick prayer for an open heart, or courage, or confidence … or whatever I think they might need … and I drop.

My dedications have come to be one of my favorite parts of my practice.  I’m no saint, (I could be digging wells in West Africa, for instance); I know I am very fortunate to have multiple hours a day to dedicate to my physical fitness and yoga practice.  At the very least, this is a way to hold space for someone outside of my own physical experience.

So what is the point of this?  Maybe it will motivate you to dedicate something challenging in your life.  A boring task at work; cleaning the toilets at home; traffic …  Or perhaps it will just allow you to feel superior to me because you actually ARE digging wells in West Africa.  Let me know, I will offer a pose for you, too! ❤️


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Peace ❤️