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Let’s get royal, shall we?  We have already met the King of Asana (headstand), now let’s get to know the QUEEN! Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand commands our attention this week.

🔻 Shoulder Stand is a rich & highly beneficial inverted posture.  It is relatively safe — IF it is set up properly.  If you read no further, the most important thing to remember is this is a SHOULDER stand, not a neck stand!

🔻 Prior to moving into shoulder stand, spend some time on standing postures & general yoga warmup.  Although the shoulder stand can be restorative, you need to have freedom in the shoulders and upper back to find that.


🔻 Lie on your back, with your knees bent & arms at your sides.  Push your hands down into the mat & swing your legs up and overhead.

🔻 When your toes touch the mat overhead, interlace your fingers and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle your shoulder blades toward each other.  This will move the weight of your body onto your outer arms & keep your chest open.

🔻Release your hands, bend your elbows, & place your hands on your mid back.  Your arms now form a supportive tripod (throne 😉) for your entire body.  Be careful that your elbows do not slide apart.  Try to keep them parallel to each other.

🔻  Remember : NO weight on your neck spine!  Press the back of your head into the mat.  Reach UP through your hips & legs.  Don’t let your legs go to sleep or the Queen will topple off of her throne.

🔻 Release the pose by releasing your legs back over head.  Slowly roll down your spine ... try to feel each vertebra touch the mat one at a time.  As you get more comfortable in shoulder stand you will be able to hold it for a longer duration.


My PROP suggestions help to address the challenges of shoulder mobility & stability.  I also include 2 videos showing PROP setups. 


✔️ PROP setups for better access to the pose :


a/ A STRAP can be used to support the base of your pose - your arms.  Slide 2 has a video showing how to put the strap on.

b/  To support your pose, place your feet on the WALL.  I show 2 different methods for this - bent knees & straight.  Avoid slumping into the wall, maintain core engagement!

c/  To assist with getting your legs overhead, place a BLOCK under your pelvis as a step stool.  Swing your legs & Heave Ho!

d/  For the ultimate supportive shoulderstand, prop your legs on the seat of a CHAIR.  


Wall + Strap Demo


Blanket Demo




🔻Once you have stability with the ‘straight up’ shoulderstand - ❗️10 breath hold comfortable❗️ - you can start to play with leg & torso variations.  I demo several here.    Form is ROYAL - don’t sacrifice the crown just to be creative!


Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!


Peace ❤️