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This week we wrap our minds around a nice deep twist, Bharadvajasana II

🔻 In addition to being challenging to pronounce (see below), there are a lot of limbs going different directions in Bharadvajrasana.  It is worth figuring out, because it is a useful tool in teaching us to find our central axis & deepen core awareness. 

🔻Here is how I say Bharadvajasana : Baa Rod Va Jasana - with an emphasis on the ‘rod’.  You will hear it pronounced a lot of ways - pick your fave & say it with conviction!  You will sound brilliant 



🔻 Start seated in Dandasana - legs extended, spine tall.  Bend your right leg back so your heel is next to your buttock.  Bend your left leg into half lotus.   ⚠️ If either of these leg positions causes strain or pain - you will benefit from props.    Your pelvis is the seat of the pose - be sure to maintain balance on both sitting bones. 

🔻 Inhale to lift your spine, then exhale & reach your left hand behind your back to hold your lotus foot. Inhale again & as you exhale, reach your right hand outside your left leg.  Tuck your fingers under your leg, with your thumb in front. Your right shoulder will be externally rotated (open).  If this is too deep, simply hold your hand on your thigh. 

🔻 Inhale to lengthen your spine, then exhale to twist to the left. Use your hand positions to push & pull - creating more leverage for the twist. Imagine moving your right ribs to the left.  Keep tone in the low belly - don’t ‘suck it in’, rather imagine drawing the strings of a corset firm around your entire midsection. 

🔻 Each time you inhale, lift up through your spine.  As you exhale, twist more deeply. Broaden your collarbones so your upper chest stays open.  Stay at least 5 breaths. 

🔻Unwind & unpack the pose. Repeat on the other side. 


The full expression of bharadvajasana is challenging in many respects.  2 different & challenging leg positions + a bind = ample opportunity for prop assistance! 

Remember - this is not the Olympics!  There are no medals awarded in yoga.  Achieving the full pose is not a moral issue or a statement of your value.  If some element of this pose (or any pose) is unavailable to you - adapt, prop, modify! 


✔️ PROP setups for better access to the pose :


1/  Maintaining the lift in the spine is an important element in all twists.  The WALL can be used to support the length + help you to deepen your twist without the bind. 

2/  If the leg positions are challenging, sit on a BLOCK to provide more room for both the bend & the fold.  I also show how to use a BLOCK under the back hand to keep the spine long while deepening the twist.

3/  If you are able to make the leg positions but the bind is a challenge, use a STRAP to close the gap.  




a/  Binding with ease?  Add a challenge:  Here I lifted the 1/2 lotus leg, snuck my arm under the leg, then found the bind.

b/  This position is a hybrid Ardhy Matsyendrasana + Bharadvajasana


Ok, here I am just getting silly!  But why not have some fun & change the orientation to gravity?


I played with Bharad-sirsasana & Bharad-bakasana    What are your mashups???


Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!


Peace ❤️