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This week we explore Baddha Konasana or Bound Angle Pose

🔻 A fabulous hip opener, Baddha Konasana can be a seat of inquiry.  Although technically it is relatively simple, finding balance in the pelvis + elongation in the spine while stretching the outer hips — can be uncomfortable.  The inquiry comes about when you look at your inclinations.  Do you run from discomfort?  Have a sudden urge to get out of the posture?  Or can you notice the sensations & use your breath to calm the initial reaction?



🔻Start seated in Dandasana, with legs extended in front of you.  Bend your knees, bringing your heels as near your pelvis as possible, soles of feet together to start.  Find a place of balance in your seat: pubic bone & tail bone level.  

🔻Hold your ankles & sit TALL - belly back, chest open, shoulders dropped.  Your upper body is in Tadasana/Mountain Pose.  Place your thumbs on the soles of your feet & begin to open your feet like a book.  This action opens the hips, which lowers the knees toward the ground.  Stay here for several breaths.

🔻Maintain your long spine & begin to fold forward.  Think of sweeping your tail back behind you.  Stop at the point when your spine begins to round.  Eventually you may be able to bring your chin to the mat.  You may notice that as you fold, your knees drop closer to the mat.

🔻 A 3rd way to practice is to round your spine & place your forehead on your feet.  Breathe into your back lungs to puff up the back body.  Draw your low belly in & up to support the spine.  

🔻 To finish, sit tall, extend your legs, and press your hands into the mat next to your hips.  


While this appears to be a simple pose, upon taking your seat, you may discover it isn’t so easy at all!  If your hips are tight, you will find your knees closer to your armpits than the floor.   Don’t despair!  There are props to help!   If you have made your peace with this pose, I offer 1 slide with variations & another where you can take BK on the fly!


✔️ PROP setups for better access :

BK props

1/  If you find your low back round as soon as you take your seat, you need to get some height.  Sitting on a BLOCK or blanket can allow the hips to release so the spine can stay long.  

2/  Another idea is to provide tension in the arms.  Loop a STRAP beneath your feet & pull with your arms.  Notice how that allows you to open your chest & sit taller.

3/  If your main challenge is not the spine, but the hips, take BK 1 leg at time.  Make sure the bent knee foot is in front of your pubic bone.  Spend several breaths on each side.  Replace force with release.

4/  An option for everyone is to take BK on your back.  If your legs don’t come to the ground, extend your arms & use your fists as mini-lifts for support.



BK variants 1

1/  Add a balance challenge!  Lift your feet & balance on your sitting bones.  Keep your spine long & core engaged!

2/  Add a bind!  Wrap your arms around 1 leg — use a STRAP if your hands don’t meet.

3/  How about a BaddhaFrogKonasana?  This moves the stretch from outer hips to inner.

BK variants 2

Let’s really explore your comfort in BK by changing your orientation to gravity.  I show a few arm balances to demonstrate how you can add this leg shape to basic poses.  I also offer BK legs on 3 inversions.  I find that this actually makes balance easier by shortening the length of my legs.


Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!


Peace ❤️