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Week 13 : Year 2 : TriYogaSchool


Take a seat - this week we explore the hip happy pose, Gomukhasana 

🔻 Gomukhasana is a fantastic pose for opening the hips, as well as the arms & shoulders.

🔻  Although a ‘seated pose’ seems easy enough, Gomukhasana requires a warmup for most of us.  I recommend standing poses that move the legs in a variety of directions as well as standing & seated twists.


🔻  Begin seated in Dandasana - legs extended in front of you.  Cross the left leg over the right, bend the knee, & bring the foot back toward the right hip.  Pause here & allow the hip to release.  Bend the bottom leg, & tuck it to the other side.

🔻  Take 1 hand on each knee & press inward, as I show in the video.  This helps stack the knees. 

🔻  Reach your right arm up over head, bend the elbow & reach your fingertips down your spine (external rotation).  Sweep your left arm out to the side, bend your elbow, & reach the back of your hand toward your spine (internal rotation).  Clasp your hands together, use a strap, or grab your shirt with each hand.  Use the connection of the hands to stretch both arms, but also to open the chest.

🔻 At this point, you may find yourself rounding your spine forward or tilting to the side as you wrestle the arms together.  Do what you can to sit tall through the spine.  Slowly try to level your ribs & open your shoulder blades.  This is intense!  Breathe!      

🔻  Unwind the pose, rest in Dandasana, & repeat on the other side.


✔️ PROPS for better access :



1/  If you have restrictions in hip mobility that makes folding & stacking the legs a challenge, raise your seat.  Sitting on a BLOCK will allow more room for the legs & ease the hip strain.

2/  Use a STRAP to bridge the gap between your hands behind your back.  Doing so will allow you to stretch both arms more effectively.


   ✔️VARIANTS : 


I offer a variety of ways to change up your Gomukhasana.

1/ Gomukhasana B - legs are folded tightly toward each other & the hips sit on the top leg.

2/ Side Bend

3/ Twist

4/ Lift the legs to hold a balance

5/ Twist with a bind




2 choices to take your gomukhasana to a quieter place.


Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!

Peace ❤️