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This week we find our wings in Kakasana or Crow Pose

🔻 Kakasana???? Yep, not a typo!  The Sanskrit name for the bent arm CROW starts with a K. It’s straight-arm sister is Crane Pose or the more familiar #Bakasana.  Now you know!

🔻  Crow pose is often the 1st arm balance yoga students learn.  For good reason - it teaches foundational arm balance skills : core activation, hollow body, gaze, & leverage.


🔻  Start in a low squat with the feet together.  Place your arms inside your knees with your hands on the mat shoulder distance apart.  You will be using your #chaturanga skills here!

🔻  Squeeze legs around arms, hollow low belly, lean forward —— now lean MORE forward 😉 & come up on tippy toes.  

🔻 At this point, some people freak out — don’t!  If you can do a chaturanga pose, you can do this!  If you are not there yet, stay on tippy toes & work the hollow body & core engagement.

🔻 To take flight, you need to use leverage.  LEAN forward enough to feel your toes get light, keep scooping the belly & squeezing the legs.  Keep the toes touching and reach them ⬆️ toward your buns.  Look forward!  If you look down, you will go down.      

🔻 The 2nd half of my video demonstrates CRANE pose with straight arms.  If you can hold crow for at least 5 breaths, give crane a try!


Crow pose will challenge your balance, your strength, & your focus.  But it will also build all those things with dedicated practice.  Let’s fly!



✔️ VARIANTS for better access :

Croe Pose Props

1/  Many people are afraid of a face plant in Crow Pose.  To find the leverage you really have to lean forward & that can be scary.  To assuage your fear, practice with a BOLSTER or stack of blankets to soften the potential landing. 

2/  If your arms splay apart when you place your weight forward, you will need more strength work (chaturanga!!!)  In the meantime, place a STRAP around your upper arms for stability.

3/  If this pose is new for you, take baby steps!  Lift 1 leg at a time & notice the shift.  Work on the elements I described yesterday : core activation + hollow body + leverage!


✔️PROPS : 

Block entry

Here I demonstrate using BLOCKS to enter Crow Pose.  Starting with your feet elevated makes the lift from the ground a little easier.  Take the same shape, but with your feet on the blocks.  Lift 1 foot at a time toward your buns, maintaining your strength & focus.



Crane/Crow Variants

I offer numerous choices to fly your Crow & Crane. Try them & let me know your favorite!



Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!


Peace ❤️