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Week 16 : Year 2 : #TriYogaSchool


Our pose for this week in Yoga School is the revered Lotus Pose. .

🔻 For many yogis & non-yogis alike, this pose represents the essence of the yogic zennified enlightened seat.  cue angelic chorus …  Let me let you in on some truth : no single pose makes you a yogi!  And you won’t achieve a better state of mind because of how you cross your legs. 

🔻 Lotus pose is a wonderful hip opener, but it is a deep seat.  Some people’s anatomy will never allow this pose & therefore we have modifications.  Some people simply need more time working on hip range of motion.  How do you know?  Your body tells you : if you feel knee, hip, or groin pain - back off!  If you merely feel deep, warming, even uncomfortable sensation - breathe, don’t stay too long, revisit.  I will post a video tomorrow with additional stretches to help you move toward Lotus Pose.


🔻  From a seated Dandasana position, bend your right leg & ‘rock the baby’.  Motion helps to lubricate our joints, so take your time & rock away.

🔻  As you exhale, bend the knee deeply & place the foot in your hip crease.  Try to get the foot as high on your thigh as possible so you are not overstretching the outer ankle ligaments.  On another exhale, fold over your legs.  The fold will help to deepen the external rotation in the bent knee.  Take several breaths here.

🔻 Lift back into your seated postion.  Bend the left knee & place the foot on the mat in front of your right knee.  Again, fold forward for several breaths.  Come back to a seat.

🔻  I like to use this next movement as a test.  Press the outer edge of your left foot into the mat & try to lift your heel off the mat.  If you can do this, chances are Lotus is accessible to you.  If not, stay where you are!

🔻 If your heel lifts, pick up your foot & slide it in to the hip crease.  Extend your spine long & breathe.  Untie your legs, and do the process on the other side.



✔️ PROPS for better access :



1/ Half lotus isn’t a prop, per se, but a great place to practice.  Spend time upright, as well as folded over the extended leg.

2/  If you are able to access the full pose, but the top knee is floating, use a BLOCK to support it.  This will take the stress off the knee joint & allow you to stay safely in the pose.

3/ Another option to double leg lotus, is to leave the ‘bottom foot’ under the top knee, rather than in the hip crease.  Again, this supports the floating knee & makes the pose more comfortable.





This picture demonstrates a variety of postions you can add the lotus fold to.  Try puppy or fish to add a backbend, prone to stretch the hip flexors, bound for a shoulder stretch, or just lean to your side for some chill vibe.




This final slide shows how you can add lotus pose to arm balances & inversions.  These options require a significant comfort level with lotus pose - save them until you can remain seated in lotus easily.



Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!

Peace ❤️