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Week 18 : Year 2 : TriYogaSchool


Our Yoga School pose of the week is Eka Pada Bhujasana or Elephant Trunk Pose

🔻 Elephant Trunk Pose is a strong arm balancing pose, requiring strength from the core + the shoulder girdle, as well as external rotation in the hips.  Mastery of this pose leads to more advanced arm balances, such as 8-angle pose and L-Sit.

🔻 Preparation for this would include 1/2 happy baby, ankle to knee, plank, and boat poses.  



👉🏼 To enter Elephant Trunk Pose :

🔻  From a seated Dandasana position, bend your left leg & draw it back toward your torso.  Hook your leg as high on your upper arm as possible.

🔻  Bend your left knee & clamp your calf onto your shoulder.  Plant your hands outside of your hips, push the ground away & lift your hips off the ground.

🔻 This is a VIP (very important place) in the pose!  Keep your legs strongly engaged - left leg hooked, right leg extended.  As you push into the ground, swing your hips slightly back & scoop your belly out.  This will round your upper back & create the core engagement to lift the extended leg.

🔻  Take a few breaths in your fullest expression of the pose.  Lower to the ground & repeat on the other side.



✔️ PROPS for better access :



If your leg is sliding down your arm, STRAP it on!  Prior to entering the pose, loop a strap around the leg & opposite shoulder.  I like my stretchy infinity strap for this, but you can also make a proper sized loop in a regular strap as well.


BLOCKS can be helpful with the liftoff in this pose.  Place blocks under your hands to create more space for lifting your leg.  You can also use a single block under the foot of your extended leg.  Leave it grounded or see if you can lift even a teeny bit off the block.




You know I love to come up with variants!  Today I offer 5 alternate ways to find the eka pada bhujasana shape.  Try the extended leg in Lotus, Lolasana, or LBH.  An easier version is to cross the ankles.  And finally, challenge your balance by taking the pose standing.


Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!

❤️ Peace!