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Week 15 : Year 2 : #TriYogaSchool


This week we lengthen our side seams with our pose Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana or Revolved Head to Knee Pose 

🔻 Lengthening the side bodies yields deeper backbends + forward folds.  This action also helps to balance the body as we tend to favor moving in the sagittal plane rather than the frontal.

🔻  I have 2 videos today demonstrating 2 methods of entering the pose.  Please try both!!


🔻  Start seated in Dandasana - legs extended.  Bend your left knee and place the foot on the inside of your right inner thigh.  Fold forward between your legs to lengthen both sides of your waist.

🔻 Keeping the length, beginning revolving your torso away from your extended leg, ribs toward the ceiling.  Take your time!

🔻  PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!!  Reaching your hands to your foot is NOT required for doing this pose & should not be a goal!  Rotation & lengthening the torso are far more important!  Look for prop ideas tomorrow.  Hint :: strap!

🔻Here is where the 2 videos differ.  In the 1st video, I reach for my foot with my bottom hand.  In the 2nd I continue reaching forward with the bottom hand & connect the top hand first.   Try both methods!

🔻  Prior to reaching for your foot with your top arm, I recommend placing your hand behind your head & revolving the torso more.  Think LENGTH of torso.  When you arrive at your best effort, pause & breathe & experience the magic of freeing your side seams. 



✔️ PROP for better access :


1/  The number one most important prop to have handy with this pose is a STRAP.  As I said in my last post, reaching the foot is NOT a requirement for Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana, nor should it be a goal.  Using the strap enables you to maintain the integrity of the side opening without overstretching the hamstrings.


    âœ”️ Arm VARIANTS :


1/  Try reaching your bottom arm back toward the bent knee, rather than the extended leg foot.  Use pressure to leverage more length out of the side body.

2/  Another option is to reach the bottom arm forward.  This allows you to continue revolving the torso.



I offer a variety of options for playing with this shape, including : tall knee, reverse bind, raised leg, & splits.  Show me what you come up with!



Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!

Peace ❤️