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Week 22 : Year 2 : TriYogaSchool


On the road to Parsva Bakasana, this week we are studying Parivrtta Utkatasana or Revolved Chair Pose

🔻 Chair Pose in & of itself is a challenging pose.  Today we are adding a deep twist on top of this strength building ‘fierce pose’.  While it may not be a GO-TO favorite, it is a valuable Core, Quad, & Glute builder.


 To enter Revolved Chair :

🔻  Start in a deep chair pose.  Take your right hand & hook your thumb into your hip crease.  A little bit of pressure will keep the hip drawing back so the hips stay level as you set up your twist.

🔻  Hook your left tricep outside your right thigh.  Bring your palms together into prayer pose.  Take a breath & lengthen your spine before you twist.  When you are ready, use the leg to arm pressure as leverage to build your twist.  Spend a few breaths feeling the effects of the twist on your torso.

🔻 If you are ready to go deeper, ratchet your right arm further down your thigh.  You are trying to close the ‘armpit gap’ so you can extend your arm & reach your hand to the ground.  Reach the opposite arm up.  Keep your collarbones as wide as possible.

🔻  Take a few breaths in your fullest expression of the pose.  Lower to a forward fold & repeat on the other side.




Revolved Chair Props

1/ Sitting in a CHAIR allows you to work on the twist without the leg strength challenges.

2/ Another way to work the twist with a reduced leg demand is by taking a knee to the FLOOR.

3/ If you are not quite able to close the ‘armpit gap’, you will need a BLOCK to land the lower hand on.  Better to have the hand ‘grounded’ than floating.

4/ An interesting alternative is to use the WALL for leverage to build your twist.

5/ Another prop is to take your pose all the way to the FLOOR.  A deep kneel helps you practice the compression necessary in the hips for the full standing pose.





I have 2 variants for you today.  To add a balance challenge, stand on a block.  Flip your perspective by taking the pose into a headstand (Ok, this one’s a stretch 😂😂).


Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!