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Week 25 : Year 2 : TriYogaSchool


We made it!  This is our final week of June & we have arrived at our peak pose : Parsva Bakasana or Side Crow Pose

🔻 Remember all those twists this month?  We need them!  The deeper your twist, the more able you are to utilize arm to leg leverage to LIFT!

🔻 And all that core work?  We need it too!  Arm balances are big core burners!



🔻 From a low squat, twist to the right & wedge your upper left arm against your outer right thigh.  Try to get the arm midway between knee & hip, if possible.  Place your hands on the mat shoulder distance apart.

🔻 Squeeze your legs together, pull your belly back, & keep your legs drawing in toward your side body.  Do this now & FOREVER - noodle legs mean NO lift!

🔻 The only thing left to do is LEAN!  Come into a #chaturanga shape in your arms.  As you lean over, your feet will lift off the mat.  Keep the legs & core super active!

🔻 Got it?  Now do it on the other side!


✔️ PROPS for better access = the BLOCK :


1/  BLOCK under head :: Afraid of a face plant?  Reach your forehead to a block — make sure to place the block WAY out so you have to lean to get there!

2/  BLOCKS under shoulders :: A wonderful way to provide support for the upper body so you can work on the strength to hold the pose independently.  Engage your core & legs like MAD!

3/  BLOCK as launching pad :: Sometimes all you need is a little stepladder!  See the steps on the right side of the slide.




I offer a variety of options for playing with this shape, including : epk, funky arms + legs, eagle legs, & extended legs.  Come up with some of your own & then show them to us!!


Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!


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