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Week 21 : Year 2 : TriYogaSchool


This is the first week of our new format!  We are working for the month of June toward Parsva Bakasana

Our 1st prep pose is Twisted High Lunge

🔻 Practicing Twisted High Lunge will assist us in creating the twist necessary for our peak pose. It’s also creates awareness in the core & trains us to find balance.




🔻 Start in a downward facing dog & step forward to a lunge with your right leg.  Be sure your feet are hip distance apart - think train tracks vs a balance beam -

🔻  Set the pelvis in neutral.  To do that, bend your back knee slightly & tilt your pelvis to a posterior tilt.  Move the upper rim of your pelvis 🔙 . Straighten your back leg & keep your quadriceps firing the whole time!

🔻 Reach your arms overhead with a firm, engaged core, then twist to the right.  With palms together, press your left elbow outside your right thigh.  This will give you leverage for your twist.  Lengthen your spine by reaching the crown of your head on a diagonal away from your back heel - 1 straight long line!

🔻 Continue twisting until you stop.  Respect your body’s limits & don’t keep torquing to go deeper.  Perhaps another exhale will allow more room - wait for it!  After several breaths, release to downward facing dog & repeat on the other side.



✔️ PROPS for better access :



1/  Use a CHAIR to work on the twist aspect of the lunge with less stress on the lower body.  Step through the back of the chair and use the back to leverage your twist.

2/  Another way to use a CHAIR is to reach for the back of the chair to work toward a bind.  Switch the chair so you are sitting sideways.

3/  Place your front foot on a BLOCK to create more space in your torso for twisting.  Especially helpful if you have more upper body mass.

4/  Switch that up & place the BLOCK under your back foot to deepen the twist.





I offer a variety of options for playing with this shape, including : knee down (easier), floating the back leg (hard!), reverse prayer, bound, & open arms, & floating the back leg (hard!).  What other options can you come up with?


Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!

❤️ Peace!