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Week 26 : Year 2 : TriYogaSchool


We are starting a new month & a new GoalPose!

For the month of July we are taking steps toward Hanumanasana or the Splits Pose

Our first prep pose is Extended Hand to Toe Pose or Utthita Hasta Padangustasana

πŸ”» Extended hand to toe is a hamstring stretch β€” but also a full leg strength & stability pose + core engager!


πŸ”» Begin by lifting your right leg up.  Catch your big toe with the 1st 2 fingers of your right hand.  This is called β€˜Yogi Toe Lock’.  Establish a gazing point in the distance - it will help you stay balanced.

πŸ”» Firmly engage your standing leg & draw your belly back toward your spine.  Keep your spine straight & long as you begin to extend the knee of the right leg.

πŸ”» As you wobble (you WILL), focus on your drishti or gazing point, & re-strengthen your standing leg + core.

πŸ”» Continue extending the leg as your flexibility allows.  Draw the thigh bone back into the hip socket & try to make the leg feel lighter by using your hip flexor muscles to lift the leg.  When you find your balance you can shift your gaze to the toes.





πŸ”» One of my # 1 props is the WALL.  For this pose, stand a leg’s length from the wall & place your foot on the wall at hip height.  If you are not able to fully straighten the leg, move closer.  Work on engaging the hip flexor muscles to hold the leg.

πŸ”» I often teach this pose in 2 rounds.  The first time, I encourage everyone to take the pose with a bent knee.  This enables you to work on balance without too much demand on the hamstrings.

πŸ”» I offer 2 ways to utilize a STRAP.  For the first, take the pose on your back. This removes the balance challenge but allows you to work on hamstring flexibility & maintaining level hips.  For the second, take the pose in the original manner, but instead of using Yogi Toe Lock (fingers to toe), place the STRAP around your foot.




Explore the UHP in a variety of ways by changing different elements.  I offer a Side Plank , UHPB holding the leg to the side, UHPD holding the leg without hands β€” serious core challenge!, and finally a headstand for fun!


Let me know how it goes! πŸ”ΈBe creative, be agile, have fun!


❀️ Peace!