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Week 28 : Year 2 : TriYogaSchool


We are taking another step toward the splits with our pose of the week :: Krounchasana or HeronPose

πŸ”» Heron pose deeply stretches the hamstrings while encouraging square hips.  The internal rotation of the floor leg fixes the pelvis and replicates the proper position required for full splits.


πŸ”» Start in a Dandasana Pose with both legs fully extended in front of you.

πŸ”» Bend your left knee & fold the leg back in a Half Hero Pose.  Make sure the top of the foot is on the mat & your heel is hugged in to your outer hip.

πŸ”» Bend your right knee & clasp the foot with your hands.  Alternatively, hold your right wrist with your left fingers.  Bring the shin to parallel to the ground, hug the thigh to your chest & pull your chest to your thigh - LIFT & straighten your spine.

πŸ”» Keep the spine long & extend the right leg as far as your hamstrings safely allow.  Do not compromise your long spine to extend the leg!  A bent leg is ok as long as you are feeling a stretch in the back of your leg.  Stay for 5 breaths & do the other side




πŸ”» If the leg bent in β€˜hero’ position is challenging due to knee or quad issues, you may prefer to bend it the opposite direction - forward in a pigeon shape.  Still work on extending your spine & keeping your hips as level as possible.

πŸ”» If hamstring flexibility limits your ability to reach your foot - use a STRAP!  Proceed with the pose in the same way - long spine, gaze up!

πŸ”» Another method for making the hero leg more approachable is to sit on a BLOCK (or 2!).  Elevating your hips allows for more room for the leg to tuck & increases the angle of the knee, thereby making the bend less strenuous.




Explore the Heron shape in a variety of ways by changing different elements.  I offer a 1/2 squat, a lotus, a twist + a compass. Feel free to play!

Let me know how it goes! πŸ”ΈBe creative, be agile, have fun!

❀️ Peace!