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 Week 29 : Year 2 : TriYogaSchool


And just like that, we have reached our Goal Pose for the month of July : Hanumanasana or the Splits Pose

🔻 The prep poses we have used this month have helped us find the key alignment & actions in this pose.  In a variety of ways, we worked to open our hamstrings & hip flexors + quads, maintaining core activation & upper body extension.

🔻 Please warm up thoroughly before working on your splits!  It is a deep stretch & only cheerleaders & toddlers leap into the splits!  Well, except for Hanuman, of course..  ‼️Remember!  You do not have to get your pelvis to the mat to be IN the splits.  Any part of the pose is still the pose!


🔻 Begin in a low lunge with your right knee forward & your left knee on the mat.  Drop your hips low, pull your belly back & spend some time easing open the front of the back leg.

🔻 Shift your hips back into a 1/2 splits, folding over the front leg.  Shift back & forth between the 2 positions to build a little heat.  Keep the hips square to the front of the mat.

🔻 As you are ready to deepen, slide the front foot forward & the back knee back.  Move slowly, listening, feeling, sensing how your body is responding.  When you reach your edge, pause, breathe, & look for a tiny bit of ease.  Back out of the pose & repeat on the other side.


✔️ PROPS :

1532664321714 2.jpg

🔻 Place a BLOCK (or 2)  under your front thigh to ease the stretch in the front hamstring.  You can also leave the back knee down to ease up on the back leg.

🔻 Another very useful prop is a SLIDER for your front foot. This allows you to move deeper with more ease than a sticky mat.

🔻 Take a standing split to the WALL to move back into the splits instead of down.  If you have anxiety about the pose, you may feel more control here.




Explore the splits in a variety of ways by changing different elements.  In this slide I show inverted, supine, & against the wall.  There are infinite possibilities!


Let me know how it goes! 🔸Be creative, be agile, have fun!

❤️ Peace!