On Paychecks & Puppies

This is a really big day!

My firstborn begins her very first REAL job today!  A job where they give you a computer and a phone and a salary and vacation and you wear office clothes.  An, I studied for 4 years and now get to use my degree, job.  A, this is the first day of the rest of my life and now I have to pay my own rent, job.

It’s an extraordinary time, standing at this place.  Leaving the known :: school, friends, mom and dad have my back so I’ll always have grocery money; for the unknown :: who will I have lunch with and how will I ever buy a car and what if I mess up someone’s account really bad?  The adrenaline rush of the uncharted land is insane and so exciting!

As I get older, I notice how easy it can be to stay in my lane; forgo risk for stability.  We have worked all our lives to get to a place of comfort and security after all.  The steady paycheck, retirement account, house with a separate yoga room and a roof that doesn’t leak.  And yet, I yearn for the test and excitement and butterflies.  I crave the ‘I’m not sure but I’ll do it anyway, just jump off the boat into the icy water’ rush.  Even though it is easier to stay in the safety of the boat and cheer everyone else on.

My work now is to seek out ways to risk, challenge, start anew.  Because the alternative sounds just dreadful to me.  


My yoga practice allows me this in a physical manner.  I push past the self doubt that tells me I am too old to do a press handstand or bring my foot to my head in a backbend.   I know not everything is within my physical realm, but I won’t die trying.  



I also reach in other ways.  Although I have NO musical ability, (zero, none, can’t hold a tune with a laundry basket) I’m taking guitar lessons.  I am also starting a new little side gig with my daughter, Cayla.  Although I have always been a ‘serial entrepreneur in my head only’ this time I am actually going to take a risk and try a new little business.  And on my computer next to the tab open to eyebrow microblading (don't judge, they are thinning!), I have a tab open to a local retreat center that offers silent retreats. 


I would love your ideas on how you push yourself out of your comfort zone.  When I asked this on Instagram today, a friend in the UK asked if a trip to England was out of my comfort zone and would I come to visit her anyway?  Yes and Yes.  Packing now! 

Cheers to the millennials starting new jobs, new lives.  Cheers to the middle-aged crew watching them with excitement plus a little envy.  Cheers to the choice to create a-new every single day!

Ps .. that adorable puppy in my guitar case?  His name is Otis and he is crazy 51 percent of the time.  Turns out he is out of my comfort zone, too.  

Peace ❤️